About SATA

About SATA: Skysport Association of Takikawa
SATA was established in 1989 as the only professional gliding school in Japan.
Hokkaido is the beautiful northern island of Japan, famous for its breathtaking volcanic scenery. The city of Takikawa, located in the midst of this magnificent land and in the center of this exiting sky.
With aboundant thermals, waves, convergences, dry climate, and free from airspace restriction…each pilot can fly to his heart’s content.


Flight Season
For training flight, mid April to mid November. For cross country flight, late April to early June and late August to mid October. From December to early April, runway is almost closed due to snow and low temperature.

Takikawa is located in the northern end of the Ishikari plain and well sheltered from oceanic stable air. So that thermals develop well especially in spring and autumn season. In spring, we always have cloud base between 6,000 to 8,000 ft high and 3-4m/s climb rate. And frequent wave soarings are possible by using Mt. Pinneshiri which is 3,500ft high AGL, 15km west of Takikawa. It produces waves up to 25,000ft with westerly wind, 15,000ft with southerly wind.

Cross Country
We have many outlanding fields along the Ishikari river. Early cross country pilot can fly along this river up to 150km distance. Longer distance of 300 to 500km is also possible with waves and convergences but you will fly over moutainous resion, where you can also get reasonable amount of O/L fields. We have flown 750km zig-zag course which covers almost whole area of Hokkaido island.

Flight Training
We can offer all types of soaring flights from introductory for beginners to cross country training for diamond badge pilots.
Flight operation is 7 days a week. On weekend, we have club operation, but also open to visitors. In summer season, we operates 1 week training course (8 times a year) for pilots of all over Japan.

Takikawa Skypark
800m paved runway, 1400m×2 grass strips and 2 winch lanes.(4 drums Busio winch)
Sky museum(hanger), Hub-house with a classroom, library and a confortable cafeterria Lilienthal, workshop, Cu-lodge for flyers, etc.

ASK21×3, MDM-1 FOX, Janus CM, SF28A,
ASW28-18×3, DG400, DG808S, Discus CS,
ASW20×2, ASW24, Astir, PW5×3,
Flight Fee for visitors
Dual training(Yen) 3,500(first 20min)+60/min
Towing fee(Yen) 5,400(1,500ft)+600/500ft
Single seater(Yen) 4,000+80/min ~
Motor glider(Yen) 22,200/hr ~
Membership Fee(Yen)
1 day-1,000, 3-day-2,000, 1 week-4,000
(for parmanent regular member, entrance fee is \50,000 additionally. (at present over 200 members are listed)

We have a Cu-lodge for flyers.
Accommodation fee is 3,200 to 3,800 Yen a night. Many confortable hotels are available in the city center, which costs 4,500 to 7,000 Yen a night.

Further Information

Please contact:
Takikawa Skypark
139-4, Nakajima-cho, Takikawa-shi,
Hokkaido 073-0035, JAPAN
TEL. +81-125-24-3255,22-2976
FAX. 23-3777
e-mail. sata@rapid.ocn.ne.jp
URL http://www-old.takikawaskypark.jp